Thursday, December 29, 2011

A String Block Pillow

While doing a bit of blog hopping yesterday I came across a neat cushion over at Ellesquare she had made using String Blocks.  So I had a look at the tutorial she put a link to which is over at FilmInTheFridge.  I then went and made one myself using fabric in my stash.  Not perfect, but a good attempt.  Next time I am going to do a scrappy one with different sized strips so I don't have to sweat over trying to match the seams.

String Block Pillow
Here's the next couple of blocks also for the Quilting Blocks Swaps Australia .  This month I sent to Tarnyia.
 I had two choices. A red star with a blue/aqua background or Scrappy Spiders Web. Well the scrappy Spiders web just scared me as it look a bit beyond my capabilities currently, so I made the Friendship Star instead.
Block for Tarnyia

Tarnyia for me this month made  a Sawtooth Block in reproduction fabrics.  It's still flying it's way to New Zealand so I snagged this picture she put on the Quilting Block Swaps Australia blog.

Block from Tarnyia
And here are some random pictures of my garden.  I love it when the agapantha's flower en-mass.

One thing about summer here, is there is freedom camping so currently for a couple of months this is my view out the kitchen/ding room window and this only some.  They go further south and further north.

So this view of the farm looking north is more appealing


  1. Your garden is amazing! That lavender is beautiful!

  2. Fantastic garden and magnificent views. I look out my front window and see a dual carriageway major road!

  3. Lovely garden and equally lovely farm views! Gosh if we had free camping I'm sure our nearby coastal areas would be 3 deep in vehicles :O. The local police sometimes have to move on tourists "travelling through" from the info centre and beachside daily carparks.

  4. I love the pictures of your farm, Michell. :) and close to the beach as well!! Bonus!!! :)

  5. i love your views, and you are soo lucky to have such a beautiful garden.

  6. Lovely it's summer there and you have such a beautiful few! It remebers me to our vacation throu your amazing contry two years ago. Here we have deep winter:(

  7. your pillow is lovely! isn't that tutorial addicting!?


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