Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Fabric Swap Received

Not long before Christmas I participated in a Holiday Fabric Swap which Leona from Leona's Quilting Adventure organised.  We had to send our partner 3 fat 1/8's of Christmas fabric, a postcard and chocolate or hot beverage.  My partner was Hilary from Quilary - take a peek over the over the fence She sent me some lovely modern Christmas fabrics and some cute buttons.  The Strawberry tea I have not made yet, but am going to very shortly.  I am already thinking of Christmas ideas for the fabric and have got nearly a year to complete them...yay.  Thankyou very much Hilary.

Holiday Fabric Swap 2011
 Here is our kitten who the kids are still arguing over about it's name.  Currently it is Simba, aptly named after a much loved character we all know from The Lion King.  Think this one might stick...I hope.
Poor boy has been a bit unwell.  After having an active Xmas day he became very lethargic on Boxing Day and I was nearly in tears thinking he might pass away too.  He was eating ok, but not doing anything else, just sleeping.  Well later that night he started doing his loud purr finally and now is a box of beans again, demolishing everything and annoying the dog again.
Simba -currently


  1. Lovely fabrics, Michell. So glad your little kitten is ok, he looks so sweet. :)

  2. check you out! your pillow is great!


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