Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Boxing Day

Well Christmas Day is over and done with and my parents are currently driving home, back to their farm.  Yesterday all it seemed like is we ate and tried to miss getting shot at by Master 14 year old with his Nerf gun.  Now who decided to buy him one of those, I wonder????  Good day had by all and today we are still eating......leftovers.  Well what else is there to do on Boxing Day apart from going to all the sales in town which I am keeping away from, though Miss 15 is itching to late now anyway as it is nearly 4pm here.

Each year we try and get a photo of the kids in front of the Christmas tree at some stage and we managed yesterday morning and it took quite a while as Miss 15 thought she would be a smartypants and play up.  No one was impressed, especially Master 14 who was an angel throughout it ...Nerf gun came later on.

Xmas 2011

I was lucky enough to get for Xmas a number of things I liked and amongst it all was this book. Yay, I'm part of The Farmer's Wife club now!!

Now to decide what material to do it in.  I have heaps of civil war fabric from my Civil War Love Letter Quilt I am doing currently.  Maybe I will use that too.  The decisions I have to make.

I also opened the last of my advent gifts from my Advent Xmas Swap I was participating in over at Our Craft Forum.  Sandra (Fay17) has sent me so many lovely and useful things in this swap.  An earlier post list some of the items and since then I have received a number more which are:
Tin with buttons on it
Rolls of trim
Hand soap
Satin ribbon
Quilters circle
DMC/Anchor/Madeira thread
Tape measure
Seam ripper
Handmade Xmas decoration
Mirror Compact

Then yesterday I got these two lovely framed hexi coasters.  Very very nice.  
Thankyou very much Sandra for everything

Xmas Advent swap 2011 - 25th pressie
Now for my partner, I made for the 25th present a set of placemats made out of a Meadow Friends charm pack, but silly me in my eagerness to post them off, forgot to take a photo.  My partner Sandy (Quiltn'sandy) is aware of this and will take a picture for me.  Big thank you Sandy.

Christmas day here also would not be complete without the scent of Christmas lilies and I found some a couple of days before Christmas.  Love the scent, though my dad got sick of them after a while. I don't know why because my mum usually always has them.

And talking of my dad, here he is after a big lunch relaxing,
love ya Dad!!

Dad Xmas day 2011
and here is Anthony having a feed off one of the hams.  As I type, he has just finished of the last of the pavlova we had last night.

Must not forget the furry family either.  The cat and dog have come to an understanding.  Well the dog has had to.  The cat just sleeps either with him, or on

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  1. Great pics. I always admire and enjoy looking at the Farmer's Wife Club blocks, so I look forward to seeing some of yours.


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