Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Xmas Item A Month Finishes

Well I was not onto it last month and never got my Xmas item done, so this month I have done two items to make up for it.

First was a wall hanging I whipped up last night from some material I happened across in Arthur Toye a few weeks ago.  I was going to make a banner but thought after cutting out the angels a wall hanging would be better. I do have some more if I want to make a banner anyway.

The second is a Xmas stocking I have made for my niece Alyssa over in Australia who was born only last month.  I will be sending this one over closer to Christmas time.

If you would like the simple tutorial go over here to Fabricworm 


  1. 2 lovely finishes,well done.xx

  2. Sweet stocking and Angelic wallhanging! You've been a productive elf!

  3. love the stocking fabric! gorgeous.. you have been very productive.. inspires me to get to the machine. :-)

  4. Well done on having 2 finishes!
    Beautiful wall hanging and the stocking is so sweet :)

  5. Lovely angels for Christmas. The stocking looks great. Thanks for the link.


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