Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Two weeks ago I was at the Auckland Airport waiting for Kristen and my flight back to Gisborne after she competed in the North Island Trampoline Championships.  Yes, another gold came home for Double-mini trampoline.....again. Now unbeaten in NZ for over a year.

Anyway, we were sitting in the bar with the rest of the team and get informed by one of the younger team members that the All Blacks were there.  Now after my undignified run through the airport after Trampoline Nationals last year to catch a glimpse of this awesome rugby team (made up with a much envied photo of me and Sonny Bill Williams), I stated I was not going to go this time and see them.  Less than one minute later I was again running through the airport to get a glimpse of them and photos on my phone.  I always seem not to have my flash camera with me when needed most.

Israel Dagg, Me and the kids

Zac Guilford and the kids

There were definitely some very excited kids on the flight home that evening.  



  1. your daughter did well Michell and how exciting to have met the all blacks,lots of excitment.xx

  2. so cool, nothing like meeting legends in their sport :)

  3. Hi Michelle...your FRIENDS swap partner is trying to contact you with no luck...could you please contact me to confirm if there are any problems.

  4. Sorry Michell I left this comment on the wrong blog...please ignore this. Hope all is going well for the swap though...hugs Khris


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