Monday, July 2, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Wow I have not posted any sewing things for a while so I thought I better update what I have been doing.   Mostly it has been swap items, but there are a couple of things I made for me.

As part of QBSA I do have some blocks I just do not get right, so I remake the block.  I did not know what to do with a couple of the completed ones, then thought oneday, what about cushions.  So here a couple, sort of demolished shapewise already thanks to Mr 14yrs using them for wrestling

Talking about QBSA here are a few blocks sent and received.
First up is the June swap.  Jan asked for 2"sqaures surrounded by a plain 2 1/2" border,  so hoping this was ok.

Sent to Jan

She sent me my requested Pinwheel Block

Received from Jan

 and she also sent me this lovely Mug Mat

Mug Mat received from Jan

Being onto it this month I have already made Cathy her block.  She asked for the Churn Dash Block in black and white, with a dash of red.

Sent to Cathy

 I also received Vals April block, again in the Pinwheel.

Received from Val

Then over at Clare's Craftroom on Facebook she held a pincushion swap.  I was lucky enough to receive this lovely mushroom pincusion from Thanyalak in Thailand

Received from Thanyalak 

And I sent her this one.

Sent to Thanyalak

I also received my Kitchen swap item from the recent swap over at Our Craft Forum.  Some tea, a mug wrap, a mug rug and a small calender.

Received Kitchen Swap

Then for the Handmade Gift Exchange I made for my partner these coasters in what are hopefully suitable colours.  Hopefully they arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Well that's all for now. 


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  1. Hi Michell, you have been busy ;-)
    Your block is on its way to you. Looking forward to receiving your block, it looks great!


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