Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Watching

As a kid I remember watching a movie and falling in love with it.  Now when I think of Christmas movies I think of 'Its A Wonderful Life'.  I just love it and first bought it on VHS, then on DVD and one day will probably get it on Blue-Ray too.

When I have finished everything tomorrow I think I will relax and watch this again.  Hopefully my two teens will be with me but they may go and closet themselves in their rooms and watch another Christmas movie.  They both love the 'Santa Clause' trilogy.

We watch these movies every year.  Absolutely love them.

Another loved Christmas movie is 'The Polar Express'.  When the teens were not teens, we went and saw this at the movies.  It was beautiful and we all fell in love with it and also try and watch this every Xmas.

I know there are plenty of Christmas movies out there, but these are our family favorites.

So what are yours?

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