Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well How Did That Happen

Usually when I enter giveaways such as last weeks Sew Mama Sew Giveaway and The Quilting Galleries one which is on currently, I usually get a reply from some saying thanks for entering the giveaway.  Well I have not got any and was thinking that was strange as I have my email available on my profile.  Then I thought I have been have issues with my blogspot recently and went and had a look and guess what, I am a no reply blogger.  How did that happen, I have no idea and it has really annoyed me as I entered over a couple of hundred giveaways last week, not realizing I was a no reply blogger. First time since I started my blog.  Makes me all the happier I have switched over to Wordpress now.

So come here and follow me


  1. Strange happenings indeed Michell. I added your wordpress blog to my list that I follow and now that whole list is not on view. So ... I have taken it off, and am adding you to my favourites.

  2. I have become a no reply blogger too and have to manually click to add comments at the end of each post. Not to sure why. A lot are leaving blogspot but then it gets hard to follow them. I have 100s in my favourites all linked to crafting and learning. If I added blogs in there they would just get lost lol

  3. a few years ago blogger had a little patch where quite a few people got changed to no reply..........
    how do you find so many giveaways.........I barely enter the ones on the blogs I follow all the time........
    goodluck with wordpress.......i'll head over and check your blog out......


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