Saturday, December 7, 2013

FNWF Update

Last night I for the first time in a few months joined in with FNWF.  This was the first Friday of the month I have not worked on in a long time as on annual leave currently so could join in. I can already say next months I can not as again working on it and then in February will be away at the Martinborough Fair.

So I had all these plans on what I was going to do and one of them was to finish the current Sheep Virtues cross stitch I am working on.  But what happened? I had the beginnings of a migraine start so my night was short lived.  However I did get a couple of things done before this.

First was my two 6" blocks for the 6"QBSA which are being sent to Jo who has asked for Maple Leaves in autumn colours.

Second was this Log Cabin Block which I am going to make into a cushion. Originally it was suppose to be a block for the CQBSA, but I wrote down the instructions wrong and had 1 1/2" finished strips not 1".

Well that was all I done and my Sheep Virtues cross stitch will be done tonight instead.

Today I have also finished put up my Christmas decorations.  The tree this year we have gone with a red and gold theme.  The kids have always wanted a theme as we just put our many decorations we have collected over the years on to it, along with lots of tinsel.

Also here are a couple of the ornaments I have placed out.  The candle mat in this photo is the one Barb made me which I posted about in my previous post.

I always wanted a Christmas Train and last year I splurged and got this one.  The table runner it is sitting on is a gift I got a few years ago in a swap.

Well I better go and clean up some of the mess I have made and the cat has decided is a good napping place.  Also hubby has just finished pruning the hedge I started early this week and we need to clean that up too.


  1. You've been busy! You're tree is just lovely x

  2. hope the head ache has well and truely gone and you feel better x you got a lot done anyway xx so onwards into the madness of Christmas preparations xx like your train by the way xx

  3. Your decorations are beautiful. Blocks look great too :)

  4. Pretty Christmas decorations and your blocks are lovely. Hope you're feeling better.


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