Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oh How The Grass Is Green

After another long summer and being brown all over again, in the last month we have had a lot of rain here and we are nice and green again.  
The workers have been hard at it the last couple of weeks and put up a new fence in the paddock by the house and hubby put some nice red Herefords in there to chew out the now long green grass.
We are still warm here and have had no fire going, but the heat pump for a short burst only twice so far.  I think when it does decide to get cold it will be very cold.
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  1. Nice to see your lush green feed! Ours isn't quite at that stage yet! We haven't lit the fire yet either but I don't think it will be long!

  2. Lovely looking paddock. Have the fire going here in Gisborne OZ.

  3. So pretty. I'd never get anything done with that view. But it is inspiring me to start my barn house quilt. :)


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