Sunday, April 12, 2015

Natures Journey Part One

Here are my February blocks as part of the stitch-along I am in, completing Anni Downs Natures Journey. I have not trimmed them yet and do not look to closely at the applique. This is a learning adventure for me and I just can not get those hearts right, but I have now got some of that semi-water soluble applique paper to help me on my applique journey.

I call the wonky applique my personal touch and those words that come out off my mouth are also part of getting that personal touch .... haha.

I have started March but have run out of thread for my blanket stitch which I am using Blue Wren from Cottage Garden Threads but they are on order.

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  1. Well done Michell.. I am also finding the needle turn challenging but also found the applique paper helpful as well as the glue pen..Hopefully we will be experts by the end of the SAL..

  2. Your personal touch is just great Michell... - everytime I see bloggers' blocks I just want to start this project day...!

  3. Hi Michell,well done my friend,your blocks are lovely.xx


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