Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lots of Mud

Last weekend Kristen and I participated in the annual Tough Guy & Tough Gal Challenge in Rotorua.  With just over 50mls of rain falling the previous day I knew we were going to have plenty of mud and we did.

Kristen was going to do the 12km course and I the 6km, but after the first lap Kristen changed her mind along with 19 other people to only complete one lap.  Then 1/2 hour later I finished mine and was about 10 minutes faster than my previous attempt.  That was strange as I walked the whole way where previously I had spurts of running previously.  But I can say I was not that stuffed at the end like I usually am.

Here we are keen to go.  Notice the puffer jackets on. It was not a warm day and went you jumped into the water you definitely found out.

But the best thing about the water is that you could wash all that mud of and look nearly decent at the end.

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