Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Moving Again .....

And again less than a year, I am moving.  Hubby's job did not work out so he resigned and we are moving back to Gisborne.  The only strange thing is that after 40 years living on both dairy and then sheep and beef farms, is that I am moving to town.

I won't miss the commute to work, the capped internet, no cell phone coverage, but I will miss the quietness of the country side.

Another benefit is I will not be at all that far from a quilt shop I discovered just before my last move.

If you are in a swap with me never fear, my mail is being redirected for a while and anyone else I will get my new address out too.

At the moment I am feeling a bit like this, as working and packing is not easy and there are boxes everywhere.  At least hubby is not currently working so can do all the outside things and cook the meals.

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  1. hi Michell,good luck with your next journey in life,hope it all works out for you both xx

  2. Oh wow, sorry about the job not working out but it sounds like you are excited about the move... we are also packing... move at the end of this month... when are you moving?

  3. Hello Michell,

    Good luck with the move, you can always have a weekend back in the country.

    Happy days.

  4. Haha great photo. You probably really didn't have time to unpack everything. Such hard work...

  5. Good luck with your move Michell and with your new life out of the country.

  6. Best wishes for the move. There are definitely upsides to town life, and there's always the beach for a bit of peace and quiet xx


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