Thursday, September 24, 2015

What's Happening?

Well the house is all packed up and in storage and I am staying at my cousins until I move back up to Gisborne in three weeks time.  Before then I am off to Bathurst 1000....getting so excited about that.  Off to pick up my travel pack tomorrow in town.

So I thought I had packed up some stitching to do for my Christmas swaps, but going through my car I have realized it must have gone into storage too ... damn. Fortunately I do have my overdue hexi swaps to stitch I then thought.  Well yes I do, but the hexi templates are in the same place as that stitching I want to do, so only got some done..... double damn.  But I do have my Natures Journey to work on ...... well some of it, because you guessed .... it went to storage.  I should have just placed everything in one box.  Anyway Lincraft is opening here in Taupo next week so I will have a look for some things to do there and I was planning on a trip to Rotorua tomorrow or Saturday so may have a look there too.  I can say I have plenty of books to read.

I have just finished this one

I have never really been into these kind of books but in the last 9 months was in a book club so started reading a variety of different ones.  After reading They Storyteller by Jodi Picoult I have taken a shining to this author.  This book was so thought thought provoking and touched on teen suicide.  I really enjoyed it and could not put it down

I have to also admit that I have been reading some Mills and Boons which I have not down for some years.  I usually have a run of reading these before getting back into the bigger novels.

One other book (which our school must have been one of the only ones not to read it), is To Kill a Mocking Bird.  I have this on my Kindle and am reading this too.  I do not know why after hearing about it for so many years I have taken this long to read it but glad I am.

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  1. Hope things settle down for you soon. Maybe you could find something to sew at The Home Patch when you're in Bathurst!

  2. The Storyteller! What an amazing book!


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