Sunday, January 24, 2016

FNSI Update

On Friday was the monthly FNSI.  As I was working that evening I decided to do a bit of sewing before I went.  Now with the heat of the day that was a mean feat, and the heat is not going away anytime soon either.  One plan for our house is to get air conditioning. Fans just don't cut it when we have 30 -35 degree days here currently.

So while bloobed out in front of the TV watching Grimm I stitched up just one hexagon to send away in the HexiMail group I am part of on Facebook before the heat got to me.

These are the other hexagon flower I have also stitched in the last week, which will be in the post tomorrow.

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  1. You did well to do your hexie and post it...
    We have just insulted reverse cycle air con and it fabulous. You will love it....

  2. Great hexies. I have been sewing little hexies today x


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