Monday, March 20, 2017

FNSI Result

I don't get to do much stitching these days due to my thesis which I have about 4 weeks to complete the draft for.  However who could turn down a quiet Friday evening for the monthly FNSI.

Not much was done again but another hexagon flower was finished, while sitting watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix (what did I do before Netflix?). 

Then on Saturday Miss 20 turned Miss 21.  As she is up in Auckland we didn't get to spend it with her but will see her again the end of May where she will be getting a special gift from us.

The rest of my weekend was spent going to open homes.  I am finding it much harder to find a house to live in than a rental for investment and out of all the houses I have seen only two have taken my fancy which are a little bit above my price range.  But you never know what happens on auction day.

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  1. It's just nice to sit and relax even if you only get to stitch one hexie flower 🌺
    Good luck with the house 🏡 hunting....

  2. Best of luck to you in finding the perfect house and winning the auction. I really like your cute hexagon! I haven't done any in a few months, and I need to get back to those.


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