Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Night Away and a Magazine

Look what came in my mail recently.  Yes it is the latest Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments magazine.  Lots of little projects to do once I get into stitching again.

Then yesterday hubby and I drove down to the Hawkes Bay to attend an engagement party of a friends daughter and the Bay put on some nice weather for us.

This morning we woke to an even better day with a great view out our motel window.  The coffee bus was tempting, but we went into town for brekky with Miss 21 who also stayed with us (who we won't be seeing until Christmas now).

Then after brekky, we went for a drive up Bluff Hill as hubby hadn't been up there for a while, and watch the work going on in the Port.

Below is the hubby and I.  Miss 21 has plenty of her and I but not sent through yet.

Then for being a good sport (I go up Bluff Hill often) he drove me through to Hastings so I could have a look in K-Mart and the reason I wanted to really go to Hastings ..... Spotlight, where I did restrain myself and only got a new ruler and some fusible wadding.

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  1. Beautiful spot to go to for a party..
    You now have a few great books for christmas projects..Have fun with them.


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