Friday, October 6, 2017

When On a Cruise Do Not Leave your Phone Alone

Last month I went on my first cruise. Only 3 nights long was good as a got a bit sea sick but resolved with dry toast and meds.

Was the biggest boat I have ever been on and my friend from Gisborne and 6 others were ready to board in Auckland on a lovely spring day.

Not quite the Titanic but the board walk was a reminder to me of it

Leaving Auckland all my friend wanted to hear was the horns going and she got her wish but we had to remind her it aint the Love Boat

First night we found the best bar and it was cocktail time or for me mocktail at this stage.

People also learnt fast do not leave your phone alone even to go to the toilet or have a sleep.
These gals were my room mates and were a great bunch.  

I have been nice and only put the tame pics up, but no ones phone was safe.

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