Friday, November 3, 2017

Hexagon Madness and FNWF is On Tonite

First of all tonight is FNWF so if you want to join up too, go on over here there is still time to join.

In the last week I have also being belting out some hexagon flowers for swaps I am in, and these have all been sent off to various parts of the world

I still have some more to do and these will be completed over the next few days and sent out.

Finally it is now November, so..............


  1. What a lovely collection of flowers you have to send out. xx

  2. Hi Michell yep put your tree up now kiddo,lol. lovely hexies my friend xx

  3. Guess you can put up your tree whenever you like... enjoy!!!
    Lots of pretty hexies there..

  4. Another hexie lady, so many great patterns for them. I've got Christmas music on my mp3 player and watch at least one old Christmas film a day from the end of October.

  5. Great looking hexie flowers - you know everyone will be happy with them. I have a friend that already put up her tree - before Halloween. She said she hasn't had one in years as she was living in a RV. If it makes you happy - go for it. As for me I have to wait until after Thanksgiving. I'm a one holiday at a time kinda gal.


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