Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Was I Thinking????

Over the weekend I headed over to Rotorua to participate in the Tough Guy And Gal Challenge or otherwise known as the Mud Run.  Boy what a challenge for little old me.  A few of the girls from work entered and I took Miss 16 over to participate too, and she loved it and finished way before all of us.  I only have the before picture for now and here we are all smiling unaware of what we were getting our selves into.

So what is the Mud Run?  It was a 6km course of going up hills, down hills, through mud, through lots of freezing waist high water, climbing over obstacles, going under obstacles, going through obstacles and going through more lovely mud. Take a look here.

 I was mad...lol!!! and the 6km took me 1hr 35 mins, and I only went under the water once and never fell in any of the mud thank goodness, though many people did.  My going under the water was apparently a sight to see and will keep the girls at work entertained for a long time coming.

Looking forward to getting the photo of us all once we had finished.  I hear it is great!!

Will I do it again next year??? Probably.

Best Wishes

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