Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013 Monthly Block Experience Blocks Are Finished

I have finally finished all my blocks for the year on time...yay. So here are the last ones.

July's block was Ruins of Jericho.  This block was started with a different colour combination but alas cut something wrong and had to change.  It does look better in the flesh than this photo.

Ruins of Jericho

For August Castle In the Air was the chosen block

Castle In The Air

September was  the Double T block


Then finally for October I made the Shooting Star 2 block.

Shooting Star 2

Now just to plan on how I will put all these together. Also a big thanks to Vicki Tucek from The Pickledish Patch and Our Craft Forum for organizing it all.


  1. Very nice The colours go well together

  2. So glad you got them all done Michell and they all look great :) Cant wait to see how you put them together :) hugs Vicki xx


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