Monday, November 25, 2013

One Xmas Item A Month

Well the last few months I have been working on Xmas items, but not completed any, but some Xmas themed tissue holders last month which I did not get a photo of before they were of on their merry way.  Anyway, this month I have completed a few items, but as they are for a variety of swaps to be opened next month I can not post pictures of them yet, but watch for my swap posts next month at Xmas.

I can say,I can post a finish I have done this month.  Originally it was for a swap but done a boo boo (didn't think when sandwiching) and have kept it for my self.  This is a easy table runner to make and I am sure I will be making more of them in the future.

The pattern is called a Zig Zag Table runner and used one 5" Charm pack.  I watched this tutorial from the Missouri Quilt Company which is excellent.


  1. very nice michell.xx

  2. Beautiful Michell; certainly can't see the "boo boo".

  3. Lovely, Michell, and good use for charm squares.


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