Monday, November 4, 2013

My Baby Girl Is Going Again

Some of you would recall that Miss 17 went in the Army back in July and then was home with a injury 3 weeks later.  Well she is off again next week.  Basic Training does not start until the start of February but they have recalled some back to rehash what they have learnt apparently.  We have no idea why, and Miss 17 went and saw the recruitment officer here in town and he is also surprised they are calling her back seeing as she spent so little time there.  We think is must be her determined, stubborn attitude they are wanting back.  Her platoon leader said to me before she left that she has got exactly what they want.

When Miss 17 found out she turned up at my work place bawling her eyes out and not wanting to go back.  She said had given her an ultimatum, come back or she has to resign and then reapply.  Problem was she starts on the 12th and on the 11th she was booked for her first trip to Australia for a holiday (apparently this was a no-no as she has to get permission from the Defence Force first ...... she now knows this). Anyway after a couple of hours she was fine and she said yes to them.  She told me if she had been given more than two weeks notice she would have been ok, but was a shock to the system.

Incidentally, the day she found out was her old intakes March Out and she was super excited that one in her platoon got top recruit.  There have been a few from her platoon that have gone on leave and so far she knows of none that are going back with her.  I have found out through the wonderful internet of one other person going back (not from her intake), so Miss 17 stated "at least she is not going to be the only one there".

So its going to be another sad time watching my baby girl going again, but at least I know she will be back for Christmas break.  


  1. Sad...exciting.....parenting is such a roller coaster. I'm sure she'll be fine.

  2. it is like leaving them at the school gates .. when you leave ..YOU worry they forget about you and have FUN!!! chin up x

  3. You think when you have babies the hardest challenge you will have is getting sleep: give me a 100 babies anyday: I now have had two babies leave on their journey for independent life and it is not easy..hardest thing I have ever had to do! But they are fine: they are leaving with all the skills and good sense we have tried to instill in them so when she goes: have a hot bath, a glass of wine and get the crafty stuff out. And like you say: she will be home for Christmas!


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