Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Just some Flowers

Spring is half way over and my new tulips I loved this year.  

along with my freesias that flowered better this year.

The Tui's loved my Kowhai tree while it flowered. I have to entice them back now somehow.  I think I may get a bird feeder and wildbird seeds.


  1. You must be on the other side of the world! Our leaves are trying to turn, but there hasn't been enough sunshine. Just a rainy autumn.
    Thanks for the pretty sight of spring!

  2. Beautiful pictures - I do love an unusual tulip! xx

  3. Beautiful spring flowers. I llove the sound of the tui, we used to have a kowhai tree in the front yard when I was a kid and it was always good to see the tui in it.

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