Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Special Gift

A while ago...well nearly a year ago ..... I had a swap go missing and said I would replace it.  I did start it then forgot about it and then when moving found the stitchery again and finished sewing it up.

Now it is off to s special someone.

I hope it arrives safely this time.

Also my boy turns 17 today.  They grow so fast.

Here he is with his older sister when he was only 2 yrs old.

Trying to get recent photos of him is hard but here is is a couple of weeks ago recovering his rolled 4-wheeler.  Luckily he wasn't on it when it went.  It was a right off.

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  1. Hi Michell, just visiting from 'Jindi's'. Love the lovely mini quilt; that's a lovely stitchery design and I love the fabric you used for the borders. Yes, like you, I wonder where the years have gone when my children celebrate birthdays...I'm even more bewildered as my 2 are in their 30! Lol :-/

  2. Love the colours on your mini quilt Michell. My eldest girl just turned 16 so I know just how you feel xx

  3. I have really enjoyed looking at this little quilt everyday while in my sewing nook.


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