Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Cake Is Made

Today I made our Christmas cake again using the Alison Holst Pineapple Xmas Cake Recipe.  I have had a look around the internet and see that it changes slightly ever so from the book I used this time.  However they all taste just as good.

I have got a version here on my recipes page

I have also made in the last couple of weeks a couple of batches of Baileys Fudge.  It is divine and real easy to make.  I found this recipe on Facebook, but you can also find it on my recipes page here

Not long till Christmas now .....yay!!

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  1. Your cake looks lovely.. My mum gave my husband a homemade cake by her and the recipe for me to make it in the futeure

  2. Your cake looks delicious. I don't make one as no-one else in our house eats it & I really don't need a whole cake!!

  3. I love the traditional look of your cake.. I've not made one this year...but wish I had now, looking at yours :-) Merry Christmas!!


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