Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Finally Catching Up

Well finally I am truely getting into settling down mode here in Kuratau, Turangi.  Well I say Turangi, but am half way between Turangi and Taumaranui.  Swaps are nearly up to date from being behind because of the big move, I start my new job at Taupo Hospital in 10 days and finally am getting some fine weather.

Another little buy I have had at Mitre 10 was this cute Christmas bell.  Dear hubby may have to stop me from going into Taumaranui Mitre 10 as they have a fabulous gift section I love.

On Monday I finally sent off my SSCS over the ocean somewhere and hopefully will be at it's destination soon.  I never thought I would get this finished on time.  Was about 10 days late, but got there.

With this fine weather views of the mountains are getting better, though with less snow on them

Last month they looked a bit like this.

Though with the mountains comes the cold and I have never had my fire going in December, but did on Monday.  It is summer here now but does not feel like it yet....waiting patiently.

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  1. glad the SSCS parcel is on the sleigh..............hope you get some summer soon...............

  2. What lovely views. It is a beautiful place

  3. Can send you some of our heat in exchange for a bit of cooler weather (as long as you guarantee some rain with it). Our Mitre 10 has nothing Christmassy at all - I went after reading your last post and was very disappointed your finds are gorgeous xx


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